We believe taste is just as important as the look of a great designer cake. These are some of the designer flavors we have come up that will vary in flavor and texture, from rich chocolate, sweet and light; fruity or innovatively unique. Of course, we can always create something special just for you too. Don’t forget to ask about our newest and seasonal flavors!

Specialty Cake Flavors

Wedding White
A light vanilla almond cake paired with any of our  delicious buttercreams.
Lille ‘Nilla and Fruit
A classic vanilla cake paired with any of our homemade fruit fillings and vanilla buttercream.
Champagne Splendor
A sweet champagne cake paired with any of our homemade fruit fillings and swiss meringue buttercreams.
Butterscotch Crunch
A popular favorite! Our best vanilla or chocolate cake filled with homemade butterscotch sauce, secret toffee bits mix, and our original southern cooked vanilla buttercream.
Grand Chocolatier
A triple chocolate devils food cake infused with a Grand Marnier simple syrup, chocolate orange ganache buttercream.
Royal Deluxe
Dark chocolate cake infused with a Chambord simple syrup, filled with homemade raspberry jam, raspberry swiss meringue buttercream.
Lemonade Pucker
Lemon cake, filled with a tangy lemon curd, light lemon buttercream.
Triple Key Lime
Baked, filled and frosted with lime, pecans and graham cracker cookies.
Honey Bee
A light honey vanilla cake with orange whipped mascarpone.


The Bunny Hop
Classic carrot cake with original southern cooked vanilla buttercream.
Red Velvet
Classic extra light chocolate cake with original southern cooked vanilla buttercream.
Apples to Apples
Moist apple cinnamon cake made with our secret family recipe homemade apple sauce, baked right into the batter, and a light salted caramel buttercream.
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin spice cake topped with brown butter vanilla spice buttercream.
Heavenly Tiramisu *
Vanilla cake soaked in a succulent coffee liquor simple syrup, filled with whipped mascarpone and frosted with a light coffee non-dairy whip.
Citrus Berry Tea *
A light almond vanilla cake and our amazing citrus berry tea infused non-dairy whip.
Orange Dream *
It’s like a creamsicle in cake! Orange Tang infused non-dairy whip.
Hawaiian Passion *
A light vanilla cake, lilikoi passion fruit butter and a hibiscus infused non-dairy whip.
* These cakes  are buttercream only or kitchen cakes and cannot be covered in fondant or white chocolate.